How to Use Silly Choice Questions to Get Your Students Talking

How to Use Silly Choice Questions to Get Your Students Talking

Weird conversation starters can be a real pain in the neck, but silly choice questions can get the ball rolling. The trick is to pick from a variety of categories and pick one that fits the person you’re trying to connect with. Try posing questions about reading, technology, and sports. Your students will be more likely to talk about the things they care about. Here are some examples. Hopefully, you’ll find a few that work.

What kind of crazy choice questions can you ask your partner? Would you like to live on a beach? Or in a treehouse? These types of silly choice questions are a fun icebreaker. Just make sure you choose the one that involves eating tacos, drinking orange juice, or scratching your private parts. While these questions are not very mature, they are still fun and can make for some great conversations. And, as a bonus, they’re entertaining, too.

Despite their inappropriateness, these questions can be incredibly insightful and fun to ask. For example, you might want to ask your partner if they would like to eat boogers or scratch their privates. You might also want to ask them about whether they’d rather play video games or play outside. Or, you could ask them which they’d prefer: unlimited chips or tacos? The options are endless! What’s a good one?

For a more mature audience, try using a more sophisticated version of these silly choice questions. For instance, if your partner likes skunks, you could ask them what they’d prefer: working on a helicopter, or working on a horse. You’ll find that they won’t be able to resist your requests. They’re great for icebreakers! But be careful. You’ll likely be disappointed with the results!

Another popular form of silly choice questions is the Would You Rather question. These questions appeal to a child’s sense of adventure and are often highly inappropriate for adults. For example, you could ask your kid if he’d rather eat boogers or scratch his private parts. If the answer is no, he’d choose to eat tacos. The possibilities are endless. If he’s not into these, then he’d rather eat tacos.

The second type of silly choice questions is the one where you’d rather not answer. Instead, ask why and try to be as honest as possible. When he/she’s answering, be sure to ask them why. These simple questions are perfect icebreakers and will make your date feel more comfortable. If your partner isn’t feeling up to the idea, try to find a way to make them laugh. You might be surprised at how well your answers will go over.

It’s a good idea to ask a friend or colleague the same silly question. You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll find something you didn’t know before. If you’re having trouble answering a question, you can use the “why” option. The next time you’re in a situation that seems a bit strange, ask the other person what they’d do to make them laugh. A funny question can lead to a conversation topic that will make you feel more comfortable.