Drapery Hardware for Custom Window Treatments

커튼설치 Draperies are multifunctional in a room — they offer privacy, light filtration, and style. They can even make a room more dramatic.


Choose from a wide variety of drapery rods, brackets, and finials to create a custom look that fits your style. Rod and ring styles work with all styles of curtains, but they offer the most visual customization options in terms of finishes and finials.

Window Hardware

When it comes to designing your draperies, the hardware that ties them back can shape the look and feel of your custom window treatments. From simple rod and ring designs to elaborate holdbacks and tiebacks, Rowley offers many options in materials and finishes that create a unique aesthetic for your window treatment design.

Rods are the most obvious and important piece of drapery hardware because they hold the curtains or drapes and allow light to filter into your home. They’re available in both metal and wood and can be mounted to either the ceiling or walls. They can also be curved or straight depending on the room. They’re typically paired with decorative finials or knobs that can add personality to the window treatment, and they come in different diameters to accommodate various sizes of curtains.

Another consideration when choosing your rod is the type of curtain you’ll be hanging. Some types of drapes, like grommet and tab top, cannot move past the supports on a standard rod, so you’ll need to use bypass rods with rings or a traverse rod to allow them to move freely. You’ll also need to consider the width of your windows when selecting the rod diameter, and whether you prefer a center support bracket or side-to-side mounting.

The next thing to consider is the style of your space and 커튼설치 the overall feeling you want to achieve with your draperies. The color and finish of the rod, finials, and sconces can set the tone for the room and help to create a sophisticated, modern, or warm and traditional feel.

Rod Sets

Rod sets are the foundation for your curtains and can serve as a statement piece, too. Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes. They can even come in multiple colors, allowing you to easily coordinate the rod set with your window treatments and other decor.

When choosing a rod set, consider the height of your windows and the size of the fabric you’ll be using. If the drapes will be open most of the time, then a simpler single rod might be enough. If you’ll be using them for a heavier or darker look, then you may want to add a double curtain rod.

The width of the rod will also play a role in how your curtains look. Grommet and tab top or back tab styles cannot move past the rod, so you’ll need to have a center support bracket for wide windows. Kirsch offers rods with bypass centers and bypass C-rings, letting your draperies slide smoothly across the brackets.

Many women feel like they don’t have the right hair texture to rock a flexi rod set, but these easy-to-use tools are great for almost any type of curl or length. To get the best results from a flexi rod set, start with a clean and moisturized head of hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil to lock in moisture.

Sash Lifts

Sliding sash windows are a hallmark of Victorian and Georgian architecture. To keep them running smoothly and easily, invest in quality sash lifts to help you open and close the window. We have several sizes of handles and recessed lifts available in finishes to match other window hardware including sash pulleys, sash locks and stop bead adjusters.

Our sash lifts are easy to install, but they require some woodworking skills to mortice them into the bottom rail of your sash. We offer a number of styles to complement any style of window and they all come in durable brass.

These handle-style sash lifts feature a classic design that looks good in Colonial, Craftsman and modern styles. The rounded shape gives them a comfortable feel and they work well for larger windows where hook-style lifts might catch or obstruct. They have a 3-inch center-to-center screw spacing and are available in six popular finish options.

These recessed sash lifts are a more solid version of our SLB series lifts and they’re great for use in older homes or to add period-perfect details to new construction. They’re more difficult to install as you have to mortice out a recessed hole for them, but the results are worth it as they add substantial weight and durability to your sash. They’re also a good choice for commercial or institutional projects that call for a more heavy-duty lift.


Draperies provide privacy, light filtration and style to a space, but they require the right hardware for optimal performance. From basic rod and ring setups to motorized track systems, there are a variety of drapery hardware pieces that can be used in a custom window treatment design.

The first component to consider is the rod itself, which comes in a range of styles and finishes that match any décor. Depending on the fabric and installation type, a simple rod-and-ring combination can create a minimalistic yet polished look, or you can elevate your custom curtains with decorative finials.

For a more customizable look, try adding clip rings to your curtain rod. These clips are available in a variety of colors and metals and can be added to either pinch-pleated or solid panels. They prevent the rod from slipping and are easy to install, requiring only a small amount of drilling.

When you’re looking to add a touch of luxury, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful drapery valance. These coordinating accents offer an elegant, traditional aesthetic to any space and are available in a wide array of styles including florals, stripes and toile. Lastly, a great finishing touch is a holdback that allows you to keep your curtains open and allow in more light. These decorative elements range from a simple hook to intricate ropes with tassels.