Cake Decorating Tools You Need to Get Started

A well-decorated cake is the centerpiece of many special occasions. It’s also a fun hobby for people of all ages.

You’ll want to invest in a few tools to get started with decorating cakes. These include a turntable, an icing smoother and piping bags. Using these will make it easier to create intricate designs on your 생일케이크 cakes.


Before you start decorating, you should apply a thin layer of frosting on top called a crumb coat. This helps keep stray cake crumbs from mixing into your final frosting and makes it easier to frost the whole cake smoothly.

Once the crumb coat is set, you can begin piping on your decorative elements. You will need a few basic supplies, including an offset spatula and a bench scraper. A pastry comb or flat shaper is a good choice for smoothing out frosting edges, and a cake turntable will make the job go a bit faster (although you can also just rotate your plate). Piping bags and different pastry tips can create a variety of shapes and designs, and you can use a sieve to sift flour, sugar or other ingredients for a better texture.

You will want to choose a border for the top or bottom of your cake, either piped or made from fondant. You can also add a few toppings to the top, such as fresh fruit, candy or sprinkles, for a more festive touch.

When you are done, you can store your cake in the fridge, but be sure to take it out about 30 minutes before serving so the icing sets up again. To keep your serving surface clean, place a strip of wax paper underneath the cake; this will catch drips and smears while you decorate.


The right tools make a big difference when it comes to creating showstopping cakes that elicit oohs and aahs at any soiree. To help you find the best ones, we asked expert bakers and cake artists to share their must-haves.

A good quality, reusable silicone piping bag is essential, says Rose Atwater, owner of the baking blog Rose Bakes. Look for one with a wide variety of metal tips in different shapes and sizes. “I prefer Wilton bags because they never burst,” she says.

A spatula is another crucial tool, says Hernandez. Look for a narrow, long metal one in varying widths and two basic styles: flat or offset. Both are great for smoothing frosting and cleaning up edges, but the offset spatula also allows you to pick up or place decorative features on your cakes.

Other must-haves include a good set of modeling tools, which are designed for shaping, texturing, and finessing both cakes and sugar models, suggests Francois. They come in various colors and sizes and have small grips along their sides so you can hold them comfortably.

Other handy tools that can add a wow factor to any cake are gel food colors and sprays, which you use for tinting icing and other materials and achieving the desired color and shine. You can find them in a variety of shades and tints, including gold leaf transfers and edible glitters.


Cake decorating has evolved from a basic baker’s skill into an art form. This hobby can be used to create edible decorations on a cake for special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers or national or religious holidays, as well as to promote an event or business.

A variety of techniques can be used to decorate cakes, from sprinkling or pouring on a fine coat of sugar or candy to piping intricate patterns and flowers. Sculpting three-dimensional shapes from gum paste is another popular technique. A cake may be adorned with fruit, fondant or other confections that complement the design and flavor of the cake.

One of the most essential skills for cake decorators is piping, which allows a baker to draw or write freehand with frosting. Piping is accomplished by filling a piping bag with frosting and cutting off a corner. There are many different piping tip sizes available, and tutorials can be found online to help novice bakers master this skill.

Other important skills include time management and attention to detail. Cake decorators must be able to work quickly and efficiently so they can complete their designs on time. They also need to be able to manage their inventory, track supplies and take custom orders. They often work independently, but need to be able to collaborate with bakers, customers and other members of the bakery team.


Cake decorating can be a fun way to celebrate any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to showers and weddings. For the most successful results, a few tips can help make sure your finished product is just as lovely as you envision it to be.

The first thing that’s important to keep in mind is that cake decorating takes practice. The more you do it, the better you will become. So don’t be afraid to practice your techniques on a scrap piece of cake or a sheet of wax paper before attempting it on the real deal.

Another key tip is to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. A few basic kitchen gadgets can be helpful for decorating cakes, such as a bench scraper to smooth the top of the cake and a variety of pastry tips for making various designs on the cake’s surface. For the most professional results, a cake turntable will also be helpful as it makes it easier to frost the entire surface of the cake and can make the task go much quicker than simply turning the cake over on a serving plate.

Another very useful tip is to remember that the icing you use on your cake is just as important as its taste. A good, thick icing that holds up well and doesn’t melt is the best choice for cake decorating. For the best results, it is recommended that you crumb coat your cakes and let them sit in the fridge for an hour or two before attempting to decorate them, as this will give the icing a chance to dry completely so that it doesn’t slide off of the cake when you begin piping.