Autonomous driving: What are the advantages?

Autonomous driving is emerging as a driver assistance system that is revolutionizing the automotive industry. However, what does it really consist of, what are its advantages, and will it replace driver intervention? 수원운전연수 We take a closer look. 

What is autonomous driving?

Autonomous driving encompasses various levels of driver assistance that help drivers along their journeys. However, when we talk about fully autonomous driving, we are referring to a mode where it is not necessary to know how to drive.

The autonomous vehicle performs all driving modes, so it is not necessary to know how to drive or to have a license. All occupants become mere passengers, which makes mobility possible for people who previously had none.

Although at present we can only find vehicles with a certain level of autonomous driving, full autonomy will soon have a place on the roads.

Levels of autonomy of autonomous vehicles

On the market, it is possible to find vehicles with lower or higher levels of autonomy. The models with the greatest advantage reach levels 1 and 2 of autonomy. Among their functions are the pedestrian detection system, and the trajectory maintenance system, among others.

In less time than expected, autonomous driving will make its way on the roads until it becomes part of everyday life. While that happens, we will look at the different levels of autonomy that we have to find.

1.- Driving assistance

This driving level is designed to facilitate driving and provide greater safety during the journey. The system is quite subtle, assisting driving to control, separately, lateral or longitudinal movements. 여성운전연수

2.- Partial automation

The second level of autonomy requires driver intervention and has control of lateral and longitudinal movements. The vehicle is equipped with limited automation, with no detection or response to unexpected obstacles.

3.- Conditioned automation

At this level, it is not necessary for the driver to supervise driving. However, it is important to know that the system is not responding to a dangerous situation.

4.- High automation

Being a high level of automation, this level does not require driver intervention. The vehicle’s system controls the route, chooses alternative routes, and resolves any situation that may arise.

5.- Full automation

Have you ever imagined that a vehicle could travel without pedals or controls?  Now it is possible with the full automation level. Once the order is given, the vehicle will follow the indicated route. In case an error occurs, the backup system will be activated to solve it.

Advantages of autonomous driving

The relationship between drivers and vehicles will never be the same again. We are close to a future where autonomous driving is a reality. Below we analyze the advantages of this technology.

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Reduction of accidents

Driver or pedestrian error is the cause of most traffic accidents. With autonomous driving systems, vehicles will be able to fully comply with traffic regulations. This will significantly reduce the number of accidents related to speeding, alcohol consumption, etc.

Accessible mobility

One of the main objectives of this technology is to provide everyone with the opportunity to move around. From the elderly to people with mobility difficulties or reduced vision, everyone will be able to move around in a car.

Increased traffic flow

Traffic jams in big cities will no longer be an excuse for being late. With autonomous driving, traffic will be smoother and more efficient.

Environmental responsibility

Another of the great advantages of autonomous vehicles is that they involve alternative energies with less harmful effects on the environment. To achieve this, many car brands are investing in hybrid and low-polluting technologies.

Total comfort

Even on the longest journeys, the vehicle’s autonomy is total, passengers will not have to worry about anything. The system does not require human assistance. You can finally sleep or watch a movie during the trip.

Guaranteed speed

Trucks, vans, and other cargo and goods moving vehicles will be able to make a faster journey. Self-driving eliminates the need to stop during breaks and significantly reduces travel time.

Drawbacks of autonomous driving 

Imagine you are in an autonomous car and an accident occurs, who would be responsible, which car has failed? In addition, if there are several autonomous cars involved, how do you determine which one is responsible?

These are some of the questions that are generated by the uncertainty of technology unknown to most people. On the other hand, being the most updated on the market, the prices would be high. Self-driving cars are an industry worth investing in for the future.

It is certainly too early to know what the real benefits and drawbacks of autonomy will be, but it promises to change everything. In the meantime, car companies continue to work to make autonomous driving safe and accessible to all.